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Own Your Life

Good posture leads to a successful life
This one is the most important from all health benefits of good posture. By keeping good and correct posture, you will look stronger, taller and more self-confident. Your will have a much more positive self-image and be more successful. 

You reduce the risk of back pain by maintaining a good posture
One of the best health benefits of good posture is reduced back and neck pain. Your spine is aligned and balanced and there are less chances of the discs being compressed and reducing the risk of back and neck pain.

Efficient breathing
Another important health benefit of good posture is improved breathing process, since correct posture helps to open the breathing passages.

Improved concentration
As mentioned above, a good posture is good for breathing. Proper breathing increases the flow of oxygen and helps your brain to work more efficiently. When the brain works effectively, your concentration level increases.

Good posture helps to protect your joints and organs
Your organs will be properly aligned and function more efficiently all the way from the top of your body to the bottom. In addition, when you keep a good posture, your hip, knee, back and neck joints experience less stress.



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